The Baseball Hall of Fame took over the 2017 Main Stage

Baseball legends, Tim Raines and Ryne Sandberg were Saturday’s and Sunday’s Main Stage headliners at the 34th Annual Chicago Golf Show®.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 10.36.17 AM.png

Tim Raines, who played for the White Sox from 1991-95, was selected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Jan. 17.  He served as first base coach for the 2005 World Series Champion White Sox and now is taking his fierce baseball swing to the golf course.

It’s no surprise a baseball legend like Raines would be a strong person, but after the appearing on the Main Stage with noted golf instructor Joe Bosco to talk about swing tips, Raines really ‘wowed’ the crowd. With his power as he tore through the golf net changing it from a solid velvet screen into nothing more than green Swiss cheese.

Ryne Sandberg, who played a near-flawless second base for the Cubs until his retirement in 1997, entered the Hall in 2005.  In his second year with the team, Sandberg led the Cubs to the 1984 National League East title, its first trip to the postseason since 1945. He was voted National League MVP that year and today is making a name for him in the golf world.

Of course for a prodigious hitter, mastering the art of a golf swing would be no difficult task for Sandberg. Demonstrating his precision and technique, Sandberg appeared with renowned golf instructor Joe Bosco to cover a mental performance, short game full swing and putting.

It was a great Hall of Fame Weekend with two baseball legends reflecting on their transition into the game of golf. Check out the photos below.