Lee trevino, THE 2015 main stage HEADLINER 

Fellow H-O-F-er David Graham Joined Trevino on Saturday

World Golf Hall of Fame member Lee Trevino was Saturday's Main Stage headliner at the 32nd Annual Chicago Golf Show®.

Trevino won 29 times on the PGA TOUR, including six major championships, and 29 times on the Champions Tour after the age of 50. While Trevino's on-course performance earned him universal respect and status, it's his his rags-to-riches story and his dynamic personality that makes him one of the game's most inspiring and beloved figures. 

Because of his humor, insight and engaging personality, Trevino worked as a color analyst on NBC’s golf coverage for several years. Those unfamiliar with his incredible playing career might know Trevino for his cameo appearance in the 1996 film, Happy Gilmore, starring Adam Sandler.

As a special treat for the fans, Trevino was joined by his good friend and multiple major championship winner, David Graham, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer at St. Andrews in Scotland.  David Graham won the 1979 PGA Championship at Oakland Hills, and in 1981 became the first Australian to win the U.S. Open, at Merion.

It was a great afternoon with two golf legends reflecting on the historic - and frequently hysterical – experiences they had playing the pro circuit during golf’s Golden Age. Check out the photos below.